Curio Shop at Tau Game Lodge | Curios, Gifts, Trinkets South Africa

Curio Shop At Tau

African Treasures and Trinkets

Little Pieces of Africa

Our curio shop is situated at the entrance of the lodge and is one of the first lodge features one will notice on arrival when walking through to the reception and entrance hall.

Once you are comfortable and have more or less settled into your new home we encourage you to have a good look around and discover some delightful items created by skilled craftsmen, traditional ornaments or handcrafted jewellery as well as useful safari gear.

Unique items of memorabilia are also on sale carrying the Tau Game lodge logo as a reminder of your African safari; making the bush memories linger long after your return back home.

We also offer elegant fashion inspired by the beauty of the bush as well as quality outdoor gear, such as peak caps or broad brimmed hats.

Guests can purchase anything from either child and/or adult clothing, through to postcards, batteries, wild animal "soft" toys and books.